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Driver Says He Wasn’t Even Issued A Speeding Ticket

Once again, the police use their gun like their right hand in a minor confrontation.

According to The Hill, a Delaware cop pulled his gun on a Black driver for a simple traffic stop and much of the incident was caught on video.

The driver, Mack Buckley, shared his unfortunate experience on Facebook last week, which shows an officer opening his car door, pointing a gun at Buckley and trying to get him to exit the vehicle.

In the clip, Buckley can be heard asking the cop several times why he pulled a gun on him. The officer responds, “Stop reaching for sh**. Hands on the car.”

Police declined to comment on the clip, but they told NBC News that authorities are reviewing the footage.

“The Delaware State Police is aware of the video and it is currently under review. I will update you further as information becomes available,” Delaware State Police spokesman Sgt. Richard Bratz said.

In Buckley’s Facebook post, he wrote that he was originally pulled over for allegedly speeding, however, he didn’t get a speeding ticket. Instead, he was ticketed for resisting arrest and he received three traffic offenses, according to his post.

Buckley also mention that the officer kept referring to “you people” on the way to the police station.

“On the way to the troop he kept referring to YOU PEOPLE. I asked him who was YOU PEOPLE since there was only him and I in the vehicle. Then he proceeded to say I was a worthless piece of sh**,” Buckley wrote.

Buckley said when he questioned the officer about what he meant by “you people,” the cop responded “society.” Then he added, “Go ahead and play the race card.”

The investigations continues, and it’s yet to be determined if the cop will face punishment. You can watch the disturbing video of the altercation below.



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