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Apparently, catfishing isn’t the only type of fraudulent activity going on with these dating apps — folks are out here getting scammed out of millions of dollars after swiping right. Israeli playboy Shimon Hayut took conning to a whole other level by allegedly finessing women all over to fund his counterfeit lifestyle after matching with them on Tinder.

The 28-year old, who falsely claimed to be the son of multi-millionaire Lev Leviev , would take women on private jets and expensive dates using the funds he swindled from other women. The Israel Times reports:

Hayut apparently used a Ponzi scheme to fool his dates: using funds fraudulently obtained from other women, he’d invite them on private jet flights and take them to lavish hotels and dinners to sell his story. Then, citing security concerns related to his business competition, he’d ask them for financial favors he promised to pay back.

One of the victims Hayut’s scheme says she was forced to take out huge loans to pay back an American Express credit card that the he maxed out after spending over $98,000 on it.  But this isn’t the first time Shimon got caught up due to his scamming ways.

VG, who broke the story, says he had served a three year stretch in a Finnish jail for fraud against three women, but continued his defrauding activities post imprisonment.  Hayut is currently wanted on charges of forgery, theft and fraud in England, Norway and Sweden.

However, his whereabouts are unknown. SMH.


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