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Source: Prince Williams/ATPLics.Net / Prince Williams

Cardi B Robbing Video Prompts #SurvivingCardiB

So here’s what we know about the whole #SurvivingCardiB fiasco:

1. An old IG Live video from three years ago surfaced in which Cardi B rants about robbing men to survive when she ws a stripper.

2. The video, as you can see above, seems to have Cardi B saying that she would “drug” men and rob them, implying that she’d take them back from the club, give them some sort of drug and steal their money.

3. This has prompted a fierce backlash over the idea of sexual assault, consent and a question of if Cardi could be still arrested for this.

4. However, another video of the very same rant has surfaced claiming that the original was doctored or that people misunderstood and Cardi said she “dropped” men off to get robbed and didn’t “drug” them. This adds a different wrinkle, because male rappers rap about robbing people all the time.

5. Cardi’s initial reaction was defiance via Twitter but she has since tried to explain herself, but the backlash is still very strong and widespread.

Hit the flip for her comments and the reactions.

This is all pretty touchy and more developments are sure to follow. Let us know what you think…



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