This Broad Better Watch Out For Crazy Tameka

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Usher, Nelly, and Kelly Rowland kicked it in London this weekend. Check out some new Usher tracks below:

“This Can’t Be Sex”


More images of Nelly and Kelly coming up next…

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  • Lola Am

    Love Nelly!

  • MzNicsplit

    first, he needs to be with her-she looked better than that drag tamikia

  • pia

    Why does Ushers clothes like so tired lately, he used to have such a nice style. Too tight tee shirts and faded jeans? Where is that stylist wife? Looked better without all that hair on face and 1980’s sunglasses.

  • Divalicious

    No need for Tameka to sweat, that’s producer Mark Ronson’s [Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen] moms, Lady Anne Dexter-Jones.

  • terry fabulous!!!

    Kelly looks fab as usual!!

  • RO

    Were they on the set of Sex and the City London style?

  • Bird

    Echo was good, but that other track sounds like it was jacked from a Justin Timberlake CD.

  • Lili

    Kelly looks pretty…

    U know, I’m feeling both those Usher songs. I really like “Echo”…that’s some real ish too.

  • honeylicious

    Kelly seems like a nice girl, too bad she is stuck with an uncle for a manager, who doesn’t even care about her music career.

  • dfasdf

    He is said to be found by his fans on a celeb dating site named ” M a r r y M i l l i o n a i r e . C o m ” They said most of his fans like to go that site to chat about this stars.

  • WTF

    Nelly is extremely Fine!

  • Kia

    Love it Nelly!!

  • catalina

    I think he still looks good even though he is married now. he looks like he loves his wife but if she keeps up with that crazyness she will lose him. i should no i live in the atl. and there are pleny of woman here waitng for her to mess up.

  • roxy

    Nelly is SUPER FINE!!!!!!!!!


    Nelly and Usher is so hot love them

  • Malaika

    Kelly looks really good…didn’t she and Nelly used to date??

  • kaly

    They are making an adorable couple though the guy ever joined the rich men seeking affairs club S u g a r M i n g l e.c om a few weeks ago..but all are past and they will stay together forever!

  • Casper

    NSLLY and Kelly are a happy couple,i like them.

    and they are very hot on ,where you can make many white and black friends.this is a great chatting site

  • this one

    its rediculous how fine nelly is. damn. damn. i feel sorry for usher these days; i don’t know why.

  • Janelle

    Kelly Rowland and her new tits look GREAT!

  • Terry

    Usher is going to be around a long time. His stuff is just insane.

    Justin, well, he is doing what the brothers have been putting out for years. Anyway, a young white guy doing black swag is good when the person behind it is authentic.And JT is down. I can’t hate. I like blue eyed soul. Some of my favorite music is from them British cats from the 80’s.

  • Terry

    Kelly got tits and no hits.


    usher better get him some of that snowbunny.

  • tamaka raymond not usher wife lol

    usher lookedgood and tameka is not that far from him that women work for him he do have white people work for him . the matter of fact that women is is couch voice i saw her before on mtv when usher was doing a a song with a fan together at his old crib.

  • tamaka raymond not usher wife lol

    so you guys are dead wrong about that pic. and usher do need to update his clothes he need to fried his wife she dont know crap about clothing him.

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