RHOA Season 11 Reunion Trailer

RHOA Reunion: NeNe Vs Everyone Explodes—& Porsha Says She’s STILL Lying About The Closet Kerfuffle

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RHOA Reunion Trailer Shows NeNe Leakes VS The Cast

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” trailer has been released and it’s showing what really caused NeNe to unfollow nearly all of her castmates.

In the explosive first look, NeNe’s seen being shut down by the ladies who accuse her of not taking responsibility for her actions.

“Y’all want to fire on me at this corner, I know I’m the one,” says NeNe.

NeNe later accuses Tanya Sam of lying when Tanya claims that she and Marlo had to pull her off of pregnant Porsha during that now infamous closet kerfuffle and Porsha calls her a bad friend.

The drama kicks off on Sunday, April 7 at 8 p.m. with the first part, followed by part two, airing Sunday, April 14 at 8 p.m. and the conclusion on Sunday, April 21.

Following the release of the trailer, NeNe felt the need to defend herself on her personal Life Of NeNe YouTube page. In a video titled “The Rumor Life, NeNe claimed that Porsha did a voiceover later in a studio claiming that she was “scared” of her while that closet incident went down.

“On the show when they said ‘I’m scared, get me outta here’, she said that in an interview in the studio and they actually inserted it into the show,” claimed NeNe.

According to Porsha however, that’s absolutely not true. Porsha clapped back in The Shade Room’s comments section and said NeNe’s a “bald edges lie.”

Who do YOU believe in all this drama??? Why would Porsha add a fake comment in a voice over???

NeNe’s still going off on Porsha, she released a video titled “Read and Shade” claiming that she’s the only friend who supported Porsha throughout the years.

“First of all let’s be very clear, I’ve already texted this to Porsha,” said NeNe. “Lets not forget nobody was effing with you last season and the season before. When you pulled Kenya off that couch who was with you boo?” said NeNe. Don’t forget sis!

Porsha shared Nene’s text and it was anything but supportive:


This is what my so called “Big sis” sent me lastnight 6 days after giving birth. @neneleakes is so miserable and ain’t happy for nobody. It’s not a contest I’m just living my life and being blessed. Yes I posted this since you wanna go on live and speak on me yet again talk & about these text I figured I’d let them see for themselves! #FatShamingANewMomShameOnYou #NonsupportiveEdglessbird #IsThisYourQueen? Ps: Dennis might make me Delete soon 🤷🏾‍♀️

We’ll transcribe the text messages in the post since Porsha claims Dennis may make her delete the message later…

The message reads:

You lying a** big fat hungry bi**h! You know i never put my hands on you! Marlo Cythaia nor Kandi can EVER say that! you want an excuse for going in my closet without my permission so You can talk yo fake s**t on IG but remember my house is lit wit cameras! Oh and don’t forget who was by your side & saved yo wack a** when u pulled Kenya off that sofa. Don’t forget nobody fu**ed with u in San Fran or in Spain but ME! If u got something to say, say the truth because if i put my hands on you, you will know it! 100′

Oh and remember you had your hair flipped over yo think bald spot! I have hair but if i don’t, i have enough money to buy all the wigs & Extensions i want

Porsha responded:

I’m not reading all that bullshit! You know dayum well I aim recorded that I’m no studio to set you up! Kiss my ass! How dare you make that claim I would not conspire no shit like that!!*That one better yo lying made me type to fast.

Nene clapped back:

You so full of s**t! Go enjoy your 1 time 3 episode commercial


Haaa you enjoy it too *kiss emoji*


I had 12 episodes and trust i won’t watch not 1 of yours! Too busy securing the bagssssss

And you know you recorded that but that’s ok! Yours is coming


No I did not you are sick to believe that … but I don’t really give a dayum. Bye girl


You did but it’s ok! Oh yo day coming just like it has in the past! Imma lot of things but what i don’t do is f**k over people and lie for no reason! That’s the makeup you wear! Just remember I’m the HBIC that YOU want to be! Bye bi**h


I’m happy and blessed. Goodnight edges *kiss emoji*’


Good night big piggy with the busted shape *laugh emoji*


Girl I know you and them granddaddy long legs and box body not coming for my body!!!! That made my night *laugh emojis/heart emoji*


Longggg pretty legs and Been fine! You worry about them extra small baby ankels you rockin! Hopefully they hold up that giant body

Try dieting! That’s something you have never been good at *laugh emoji*

Bravo also released a first look at the reunion looks. Who do YOU think looks the best???

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