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Tiarra Calls Out VH1 For Omitting Her Name

The mother of Scrapp’s son Tiarra is feeling perturbed about the way she’s being portrayed on “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”. Tiarra AKA Tia Becca just put the whole network on blast in a series of Instagram posts over not using her name in clips. She’s being referred to as “Scrapp’s baby mama” instead of being called Tiarra and she thinks it’s some BS!

I’m more than just Scrapp “baby momma” Y’all gonna stop trying me with that bull sh-t. I have a name. It’s #TiaBecca or Tiarra. Must I run down done my accomplishment on y’all weak a–es! I’m just not with the fake sh-t. And I ain’t gonna kiss no a– or suck no d-ck for no shine. Put some f–king respect on my name! Y’all disgust me. And I’m talking to VH1 Love and HipHop and WHOEVER! I go to hard and everything I do… for me to allow y’all to keep treating me and calling me Scrapp baby momma. Fake a– sh-t! Y’all got me f–ked up!

Tiarra says she had a conversation with producers weeks ago over this, but they’re still choosing to allegedly sabotage her for the sake of Scrapp’s storyline. She says they even threatened to blackball her from TV if she continued to complain…

The other day I was threatened with being Black Balled because I said I didn’t wanna do the show anymore and I didn’t want to do green screens because I didn’t like how I was being treated and I didn’t like how they edited me or the narrative of how they painted Scrapp and I (Scrapp is my dawg for life)

But this was the last straw! Must I run down my accomplishments and the sh-t that I’m doing now???!!!! I’m not just his baby mother! I have a name b-tch! I and get shit done. He know that and y’all know that. Y’all edit me to be boring and bitter. When I’m funny as f–k and fun as f–k!

All Tia Becca wants is the same respect reserved for Mimi or even Jasmine — their names are always used. Hit the flip to see a video of Tiarra addressing producers over the alleged lack of respect with her image on #LHHATL. What do YOU make of all of this?

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