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Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes

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RHOA rumor control…

Cynthia Bailey Says Editing Made It Look Like She Lied To NeNe Leakes

Cynthia Bailey is sticking to her story. During the RHOA finale fans were shocked to see Cynthia get exposed” for lying to NeNe.

50 Cynt was caught on a microphone seemingly trying to cover up the fact that she invited Kenya Moore to her party without telling NeNe.

“I’m supposed to act like I didn’t know Kenya was coming,” Bailey whispered to her sportscaster sweetie Mike Hill.

According to Cynthia however, users might not have seen (or heard) what they think.

The housewife spoke with TooFab and told them that she said a NUMBER of things to her man during the party, but the line about Kenya wasn’t one of them. Instead, Cyn says that part was heavily edited.


“I was dancing with Mike a lot throughout the night. I was whispering lots of things to him that may not be G-rated,” Cynthia told us with a laugh. “So having footage of me talking to my man in his ear is not anything that you would not see when Mike and I are together. We really can’t keep our hands off each other.”

“With that said, I will say that when I looked at that footage, I didn’t hear me say anything,” she continued. “I read a caption of what I supposedly said.”


Cynthia even got the TooFab staff to go back and watch the scene in question.

“Think about what you read and what you hear,” she said. We didn’t hear her say anything, and her face was not in the shot. All we saw was her lean into her man’s ear, and when she leaned back out, Mike nodded and replied, “Okay.”

“I don’t like to try to blame things on editing,” Cynthia said. “I would just like for people to think about what they read and what they heard.”

If you go back and watch do you HEAR her say anything—or are RHOA producers pulling a fast one?

More from Cynthia on the flip.

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Cyn also spoke on a followup scene where she made a seemingly sketchy phone call to Kandi. While it looked like she was “getting her story” straight with Kandi who warned her “I’m mic’d, I’m mic’d!” Cynthia swears that wasn’t it all. Instead, she says she just wanted Kandi to own her part in the Kenya kerfuffle.

“I’ve been on the show for nine years, and before that, I’d done television prior to ‘Real Housewives.’ I’m very aware of when I have a mic on,” she told TooFab.

“When we’re speaking to each other, when I call one of my castmates, no matter who it is, if they are mic’d, they’re gonna say, ‘I’m mic’d.’ Basically, that’s the courtesy we always give each other. If you say, ‘I’m mic’d,’ and I have something that I don’t want you to hear, I’ll say, ‘Okay, I’m going to text you.’ I’m not gonna say anything that I don’t want you to hear.”

“Why would I intentionally say anything that was gonna make me look like I was lying?” she continued. “What I said to Kandi was something I had no problem saying [on camera]. At that point, I didn’t even know that NeNe was that upset. So once I knew that we were going [to talk to her], I said to Kandi, ‘Listen, I just need you to own your part in the situation. You convinced Kenya to come, and I invited her.'”

Cynthia also added this final note about her “betrayal” of NeNe:

“I don’t have any reason to betray NeNe,” Cynthia added. “I don’t even know why the word ‘betray’ was even used! When I think of betrayal, I’m thinking I slept with her husband! But I invited my friends to my party. I’ve been nothing but loyal and supportive to this woman the whole season. Why in the last hour would I decide to piss her off?”

Right, is Cynthia spending time with Kenya REALLY a betrayal or is someone being dramatic????

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” three-part reunion begins Sunday, April 7 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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