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Racist Cop Resigns Then Becomes Chief Of Police

It never fails. A white person, especially a cop, does something racist and there is nary a consequence.

Back in 2017 we posted a story about Wayne Welsh. Welsh was a police officer in Estherwood, Louisiana until he was suspended and forced to resign for sharing a racist meme on Facebook about interracial relationships.

Almost two years ago, Wayne Welsh, then assistant police chief of Estherwood, came across a meme on Facebook and shared it. The image depicted a white woman pushing the face of a white girl underwater in a bathtub.

“When your daughters (sic) first crush is a little negro boy,” the meme reads.

According to CNN, Welsh is now the CHIEF OF POLICE in Estherwood, Louisiana, a town where only 5% of the population is African-American.

Welsh declined to be interviewed. He sent a text message to CNN, saying he doesn’t think the meme was racist and “it was just sharing something off Facebook.”

He wrote, “What happen(ed) two years ago is behind me and my punishment was done to me and now I’m moving forward with my life and as the new chief of police.”

This is Amerikkka.


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