Flipped: This Indie Film Examines Social Injustices In A Way You Won’t Believe [Video]

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Flipped Movie

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“Flipped” Indie Film

There’s an independent film you should watch that parallels the pitfalls of social injustices and microaggressions we see in American society.

Flipped, created by a team of Hampton University graduates, follows a promising student named Christopher who’s the pride of an educator and his family—until something horrible happens.

Christopher Imani (Luke Georgecink) is a standout high school student-athlete with a bright future ahead of him. With the help of a compassionate teacher, Nala Jabari (Naomi Mack), and his supportive mother, Rebecca, Christopher is on the path to success….until one day things go terribly awry. Christopher, the once hopeful teenager with dreams of being an engineer, becomes overwhelmed by the injustices he faces in modern-day society and finds himself in a dire situation from which there is no escape.

“Flipped” will be shown at the NYC Independent Film Festival and was recently screened a the creators’ alma mater in Virginia.

Will YOU be watching “Flipped”???


Creator/ Exec Producer: Jack Manning III

Screenwriter/co-producer: Tiffany Elle Burgess

Director/ Producer: Lawrence “Law” Watford



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