Melyssa Ford Recalls Her Near-Fatal Car Crash, Says She Racked Up $100K In Medical Bills While Uninsured

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Melyssa Ford

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Melyssa Ford Speaks On Near Fatal Car Crash

Melyssa Ford is a very brave and VERY blessed soul. The Hollywood Unlocked cohost made a triumphant return to the podcast and shared shocking details about the moment she nearly died when her Jeep flipped five times on a California freeway.
If you can remember, back in June of 2018 Melyssa’s car was clipped by an 18-wheeler and during the violent crash, the roof of her jeep ripped off causing her head to hit the concrete. That resulted in a fractured skull, brain bleeding, and a concussion.

Melyssa then spoke openly about suffering from severe depression following the crash and admitted she felt guilty for not constantly feeling grateful that she survived.

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I’m battling Depression. Crushing, malignant Depression. It was always there; it’s just been made a little worse because of the head trauma from the crash. There are days where simple tasks takes the effort of 40 men; mornings where I’m unhappy to wake and see the sun because it’s another day spent listlessly looking for solid meaning in life. The guilt I feel at having survived and not feeling constant gratitude is a heavy weight to bear. I’m trying to jump back into my life but it feels like there are two Me’s: Before and After the crash. And I barely know who Before Me is anymore. Trying to seek help feels like drowning in a strong current with a lifeline swinging right above your head. I say all this to say check in with your ‘strongest friend’… no one ever does.

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Now Melyssa’s returned to Hollywood Unlocked and she’s laying it all out there. The former vixen told Jason Lee and DJ Damage about the moments leading up to the crash and it’s absolutely frightening.

According to Melyssa who was on the way to Tank and Zena Foster’s wedding, and as soon as her car was swiped by a truck, she KNEW it would flip. Melyssa said after first trying to maneuver and stop the flipping, she let it happen.

“Once the impact hit the back tire, the car just started to spin out of control. So I started spinning the wheel in the opposite the direction, counterclockwise. But then I took my feet off the pedals, in order to not increase or decrease speed. But the way it was going, I knew it was going to flip. I knew it. But then I also thought to myself, I’m not going to make it. It’s seconds but they also feel like an entirety at the same time.
When I could feel that it was about to flip, I was buckled into my seatbelt, so I took my hand off the steering wheel and my feet off the pedals. And I just sat there and waited for it to happen. There’s no point in tensing up. You have a better chance of surviving if you just let your body go slack and go with the movement of the vehicle. And whatever come what may. I just started flipping and a lot of memories after that is just the sound of metal on pavement, which is the worse sound in the entire world. And in the process, of my jeep flipping five times, my roof flipped off.”

Melyssa later said that after the roof came off the Jeep there was nothing there to protect her head, and her “head was cracked open like an egg.”

“So when my jeep came to rest upside down. Once it landed, my head hit the pavement. So that’s what cracked open my head. I had a skull fracture, my head was cracked open like an egg. My brain was bleeding, massive concussion. I was knocked out. I don’t know how long I was out. But from what I’ve been told, good samaritans, whoever you are, thank you for everything. They stopped and apparently, three guys picked up my jeep and the fourth one pulled me out. The pictures you guys saw, I saw at the same time. One of the guys took pictures to prove that he actually stopped to help someone on the highway.”

Wow, wow, wow! We’re so glad she’s okay and in her right faculties after going through that.

More on the flip including Melyssa discussing racking up a nearly $100,000 hospital bill while being uninsured.

Melyssa Ford

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Melyssa was uninsured at the time of her accident and until her friend Claudia Jordan, who was her rock in the hospital, suggested she start a GoFundMe, she was too embarrassed to ask for help.


“But Claudia was in the hospital with me and my friends were just sitting there with me and they were like, ‘Melyssa we need to talk about your medical bills. You were not insured.’ And I faced a lot of judgment about the fact that I wasn’t medically insured.

If you have a corporate job or you work for UPS that has benefits. But when you work in a business like ours where you self fund your life and your dreams, there is no backup plan. You don’t just have $100k sitting in the bank. Before this and before the incident with the bottle, I’ve been healthy my whole life. I’ve never had anything happen to me. And to be faced with $52-$70k-$100k in medical bills, that was frightening.

Claudia said, ‘We’ve been talking and we think that you should let us set up a Go Fund Me.’ I was adamant. ‘No!’ I was humiliated. I was so embarrassed at the idea of people knowing that much about me at my most vulnerable, weakest moment.

And when they started to lay out the bare bones facts, I didn’t have that kind of money. So I said, okay.”

Kudos to Melyssa for speaking on something so personal. Stay strong, sis.


You can watch the full interview in the video below.

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