Melyssa Ford Speaks On Near Fatal Car Crash

Melyssa Ford Recalls Her Near-Fatal Car Crash, Says She Racked Up $100K In Medical Bills While Uninsured

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Melyssa Ford

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Melyssa was uninsured at the time of her accident and until her friend Claudia Jordan, who was her rock in the hospital, suggested she start a GoFundMe, she was too embarrassed to ask for help.


“But Claudia was in the hospital with me and my friends were just sitting there with me and they were like, ‘Melyssa we need to talk about your medical bills. You were not insured.’ And I faced a lot of judgment about the fact that I wasn’t medically insured.

If you have a corporate job or you work for UPS that has benefits. But when you work in a business like ours where you self fund your life and your dreams, there is no backup plan. You don’t just have $100k sitting in the bank. Before this and before the incident with the bottle, I’ve been healthy my whole life. I’ve never had anything happen to me. And to be faced with $52-$70k-$100k in medical bills, that was frightening.

Claudia said, ‘We’ve been talking and we think that you should let us set up a Go Fund Me.’ I was adamant. ‘No!’ I was humiliated. I was so embarrassed at the idea of people knowing that much about me at my most vulnerable, weakest moment.

And when they started to lay out the bare bones facts, I didn’t have that kind of money. So I said, okay.”

Kudos to Melyssa for speaking on something so personal. Stay strong, sis.


You can watch the full interview in the video below.



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