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Amiyah Scott

Source: Kai Tsehay for Rolling Out Magazine

Amiyah Scott Covers Rolling Out

Amiyah Scott is covering Rolling Out magazine and giving insight into her life. Scott, a beautiful and proud transgender woman, stars as Cotton on Fox’s “STAR” looked picture perfect for her cover that carried an old Hollywood glam theme.

The beauty who’s releasing her book “Memoirs of a Mermaid” on May 27 told RollingOut about her transition, dating and the unfortunate suicide of Nigel Shelby.

On Nigel Shelby:

“Heartbroken. This is an all-too-familiar story. Bullying is unacceptable in all instances. Even with so much progression in the LGBTQIA community, we still face stigma and danger. I am devastated by Nigel’s passing and even more at the many crimes committed against members of the community.”


On if she’s married:

“I heard that. No, I’m single. Right now, my focus is on my career and working hard. Sometimes relationships can be a distraction. You never really know when you are ready or when you will meet the right person, but right now I’m “single single.”


On her surgery:


“My parents were supportive, and I was lucky to have parents that were. I had my surgery at 17, but I wish could’ve had it sooner. It just solidified who I always knew that I was. For me, nothing changed except for the parts on my body. How I felt was the same, how I looked to myself remained the same.”

Amiyah Scott

Source: Kai Tsehay for Rolling Out Magazine

On trans women and trans men honesty:


“I believe you should always be honest. With that being said, I don’t think when you first meet someone that’s the right time to share my history with them. If a guy approaches me at a bar and asks me if I want a drink, I’m not going to say, ‘Yes, and by the way …,’ but I believe before things move to an intimate situation that everyone has a right to know, so I would tell them at an appropriate time.”


On dating:


“We date all types of men — gay, bisexual and straight men. Everyone loves us because we are women. There are high-profile men in every area that date trans women, rappers, athletes, actors, etcetera. For me, I wouldn’t ever be a part of trying to embarrass someone or put their business out in the public [domain] because the motivation behind that is usually negative. I’m not trying to be a part of anything like that. I’ve dated men the public doesn’t know about, but not everything needs to be shared with the public.”

Amiyah Scott

Source: Kai Tsehay For Rolling Out Magazine 

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