Vince Staples & Azealia Banks Go At It On Twitter

Vince Staples Very Courteously Curves Azealia Banks As She Desperately Tries To Start Some Drama Over A Collab

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Vince Staples and Azealia Banks

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Azealia Banks And Vince Staples Go Back And Forth On Twitter

Anyone who knows anything about Vince Staples is probably pretty cognizant of the fact that he’s not huge on attention. He just makes some good music and minds his business, cracking a few jokes here and there in the meantime.

Someone who apparently wasn’t aware of just how low-key the Long Beach native has always been is fellow rapper Azealia Banks, who tried her damndest to make some drama out of a Twitter exchange with Vince on Thursday night.

This whole situation started when Azealia tweeted a series of thoughts about wanting to be hooked up with Vince Staples. After a fan pointed out that the rapper “liked” one of the tweets, Banks took that as an opportunity to go from lusting over Vince to calling him out for not getting on a song with her.

Throughout their entire back and forth, Azealia is clearly trying to escalate the situation as Vince is very calmly telling his fans not to spew any negativity her way. Especially judging off her initial tweets shooting her shot, it seems pretty obvious that Banks is hurt over being curved by Vince–but he continues to let her know that she’s one of his favorite rappers.


The LBC native continually tries to let AB know that he doesn’t want any smoke…but it’s Azealia Banks, so she keeps trying to make this whole thing way bigger than it is. Even when he asks to transfer their conversation to DM, Azealia continues to act like he’s seeking attention throughout their exchange.

And it all ended with an “ight.”

Even though Vince was clearly trying to be nice by reaching out, we don’t see an AB x VS collab coming anytime soon after the way their convo turned out. It was fun while it lasted.




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