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Big Sean Sends Message To Nipsey Hussle Killer Eric Holder

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Big Sean Gets Some Things Off His Chest About Nipsey Hussle’s Murder

It’s been over a month since Nipsey Hussle was tragically murdered in South Central L.A. and now Big Sean has found find the right words to articulate how he feels. Yesterday, the Grammy-nominated rapper addressed his 11 million Instagram followers, delivering a powerful message to Nipsey’s killer Eric Holder and others like him.

“You know what I wanted to say was to the person who murdered Nipsey and to people like that who take somebody’s life out of impulse or for revenge or whatever the case may be — you’re making a permanent solution to a temporary problem,” he said. “Obviously that’s not how you solve problems. I don’t know if we know the value of a life for real, because when you take somebody’s life, dog — you’re setting back their family. You’re setting the whole lineage back — generations.

What I mean by that is, I know for a fact my grandma was working for my mom and for me and my brother. I don’t even have kids — I’m definitely already working for my kids and my kids’ kids. When you take somebody’s life, you’re setting all that back. And for what? For something that could have been communicated better?”

Sean addressed that he had his own communication issues and continued.

”I have noticed that in men, and in black men, we’re taught to communicate certain ways. We’re taught to be tough, we’re taught to stand tough and get your revenge and retaliate through violence and all that type of shit, right?

“But you know, we gonna keep losing kings! Gonna keep losing Martin Luther Kings. Gonna keep losing Malcolm Xs. We gonna keep losing Nipsey Hussles. And for what?”

Powerful. Hit play to hear Big Sean’s entire message.



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