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Charmain Johnise

Source: Black Ink Chicago / VH1

Something had to give. After what feels like a decade of fighting, a decision was finally made in the nasty feud between Charmaine and Lily. After the Chicago crew, Ryan, Van et al decided to stick with Lily despite the fact she continues dropping N bombs and pushed up on Charmaine’s with UTMOST disrespect, Charmaine has decided to remove herself from the crew in one of the most dramatic exits in the show’s history.

Twitter has reacted with utter disgust. Lily has been one of the most dragged and hated figures on the show for her shenanigans so the crew deciding to ride for her is only giving people cause to damn near riot.

Ryan and Van’s logic for the decision to back Lily came from the idea that she actually tattoos, but a lot of viewers think it’s just a copout. Charmaine has been holding the crew down since day one and her “brothers” not having her back is looking quite shady in the light. Watch all the hatred being spewed on these here internets as everyone but Charmaine is getting destroyed.

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