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Jason Whitlock is one of TV’s most recognizable buffoons. Ha, just kidding. Nobody recognizes him on a show that gets worse views than Teletubbies reruns. Whitlock has made a living by saying things white people who hate black people love to hear. He loves insulting Kaepernick and LeBron and anyone who considers him or herself an activist. If you listen closely when he speaks you can hear the slight sounds of off-beat tap-dancing. Lucky for us, black people have been able to mostly ignore him.

However, that all changed this week when Whitlock suddenly had a head full of hair. Not only that but his network co-worker Nick Wright (who actually has great things to say about Black Lives Matter and Kaep so we actually like him popped up on TV with a whole head of hair, too.

Maybe we have missed the nu growth because, again, nobody pays Whitlock any attention.

But…just…look at that. Look at that man’s head. That’s CGI. That’s gotta be Pixar hair. Jesus. Anyway, this tee’d him up to the savages on Twitter to clown the holy hell out of him. Welp. Sucks to be you so eat this L.

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