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Joseline HernandezThe Puerto Rican Princess” should have her reality TV jersey hung from the rafters with her number, 69, to be retired forever. Never to be worn again.

“Hey, maid.”

Joseline was drafted by team Stevie J in 2012 after he found her dancing at a strip club. That year Joseline joined the cast of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta and she hit the ground running unlike anyone we’ve ever seen. Initially, we met Joseline as Stevie’s “artist”, a hungry, and sometimes thirsty, rapper/singer who was looking to cash in on the producer’s Grammy-award winning talents. We soon learned that she was really “the other woman” and quickly became the arch-nemesis of Stevie’s on-again-off-again baby momma Mimi Faust.

The Lakers-Celtics, Cowboys-Packers, and Falcons-Saints rivalries ain’t got S**T on the war between Joseline and Mimi. The lady beef literally powered an otherwise lifeless production for SIX SEASONS and pushed the Atlanta series to the top of the Love & Hip-Hop franchise with an estimated 3.5 million viewers per week. Additionally, Joseline and Stevie went on to star in their own spinoff series Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood which brought in 2.5 million viewers on premiere night. The numbers are on the board.

While the stats are important, a player’s true impact has to be measured by the effect that they have on the culture at large and Joseline might just be the most socialized reality TV star of all time. She’s basically the Allen Iverson of ratchetry. Just check out the wide array of GIFs that she has on Twitter, there’s a Joseline for everything.

That said, Joseline’s most indelible mark on reality television is her “Hey, maid” diss that struck Mimi right between the eyes. Faust formerly ran a cleaning service in Atlanta and once The Puerto Rican Princess got a hold of that information she never let us or Mimi forget about it.

Only Michael Jordan is mo’ GOAT-er than Joseline Hernandez.

Reality TV Hall Of Fame

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