There’s a special place in BOSSIP’s heart for reality stars; they give us some of our biggest stories, they give us some of our heartiest laughs and they give us our most memorable moments. After YOU, our readers, previously narrowed down the "Greatest Reality Moment of All Time" to Pumpkin V.S. New York on "Flavor of Love", we’re paying homage to the actual stars behind insanely entertaining ridiculousness like that fiasco, that have lived on in infamy.

After much debate, we’ve compiled a list of heavyweight reality TV titans who’ve cemented their places in history with their wild antics, their catchphrases, and undeniable star power. These stars deserve gold jackets and medals commemorating their initiation into the elite club that is Bossip’s Reality TV Hall Of Fame, we’re a little short on both of those—so hopefully, this list will do.

Meet your 2019 Class of Bossip’s Reality TV Hall Of Fame! Who should make next year’s list?