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#BossipMukbang: Worst First Date

Welcome to Bossip’s Mukbang. In this original series from BOSSIP, we are bringing you episodes infused with messy stories all mashed up with delicious food.

We all know that the best stories from your life and relationship are shared over a good meal. BOSSIP put those two together to deliver some viciously funny content. From the first date experience, all the way to marriage we have it all in this series. Mukbangs are an online craze where folks sit at a table, in front of a camera, and eat the biggest, most over-the-top, messy, juicy, delicious foods you can imagine and share stories. So you kind of get the idea, right?

In this episode, Xena (@jazzywinefine) is speaking to Alvina (@msofficerbae) about her calamitous first date. Similar to a first date, the friends are taking it lightly, having a variety of tapas for dinner. Over their light bites, Xena runs down her disastrous dating story featuring a man with finger waves named “Old Skool” and his son who has a questionable job.

What Xena and Alvina don’t know is that random pieces of the food are infused with FLAMING hot sauces. Will they be able to take the heat? To kick the storytelling up a notch, our BOSSIP staff writers have added pop-up style captions to complement Xena’s hellish first date story.

Scroll up and hit play to view this episode and tell us what YOU would’ve done in Xena’s uncomfortable 1st date situation.


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