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Antoine Fuqua Fathered Son From Extramarital Affair

We’ve been hearing a lot of folks saying that Nicole Murphy is getting too much of the blame for the “friendly” kissing she and Antoine Fuqua were caught doing in Italy. But apparently Fuqua’s time of reckoning has arrived because his past indiscretions are being put on display. According to the YBF, court records show Fuqua fathered a son during his 20 years of marriage to Lela Rochon:

The Equalizer director admitted to fathering a son, named Roman Jimenez, with a woman named Ruth Jimenez, in court documents dated August 2010. In the paperwork (obtained by Hollywood Street King), he revealed he was ordered to pay $10,000/month in child support and that he owed $86,000 in back child support. He was petitioning the court to lower his child support order to $3,134/month because he said he couldn’t afford the ordered payments.

Hollywood Street King also reports allegations from a London model/actress who claims to have met Antoine Fuqua through Scott Steindorff and claims she had an affair with Fuqua. That model/actress also alleged she witnessed a second woman assault him while claiming he’d fathered her daughter. The model/actress claimed Fuqua told her ‘I f***ed her once bareback and now she had a kid for me.’ She claims Fuqua went home after the encounter “super stressed” because the woman had plans to call Rochon. The witness allegedly added,

“How Lela still doesn’t know about this OTHER love child is a mystery to me. Unless she does and doesn’t care.”

YIKES… Do you think all this attention will cause Lela Rochon to finally decide enough is enough?



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