BOSSIP Exclusive: Justine Skye Takes On “Tales” Exotic Dancer Role Inspired By Cardi B Smash Hit

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Justine Skye

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Justine Skye Stars In “Bodak Yellow” Episode of BET’s ‘Tales’

Justine Skye is taking her turn at acting by starring in tonight’s (July 30) “Tales” episode which brings to life Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” via the uplifting story of Violet, a twenty-three year old exotic dancer, raising her teenage sister while looking for her shot at becoming a hip hop superstar. The episode also stars Romeo Miller as Rider Wilkins.

Check out our Q&A with Justine Skye below:

BOSSIP: So why were you the perfect person to play Violet?

Justine Skye: I don’t know if I was the perfect person, and I feel like at first people were unsure about it. But the more I got into the character everyone was really sure about it. I’m still just getting my foot into acting, so I’m not going to lie I was extremely nervous. Especially portraying a character made after Cardi B’s story. But the more I got into character, I really got into acting.

BOSSIP: It’s wild that your character is named Violet since your debut album was called ULTRAVIOLET!

Justine Skye: Yeah, it’s so funny because around October of last year I decided to get rid of the whole purple phase of Justine Skye, then I get this role and purple hair is like her alter ego. I’m like ‘Cool, at least my fans get to see a little more of the purple Justine Skye.’

BOSSIP: Yeah that’s continuity, the universe doesn’t wanna let you let go of the purple side. Were you a “Tales” watcher before you got the role?

Justine Skye: Once I got the role I started to catch up and really dissect it, some of the concepts. I’m a fan of shows like that where every episode has different storylines, different characters, but it still has a structure.

Justine Skye

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BOSSIP: What was it like working with Romeo and Irv Gotti?

Justine Skye: Oh Romeo is very cool, he’s really chill. Irv is full of so much energy and excitement, like whenever it was dry on set Irv would walk in and be like “What are ya’ll doin?’ He would go in and get the extras hype, he’d always come and motivate me, he was very good to help push me!

Justine Skye

Source: Courtesy BET / "Tales"

BOSSIP: Was that nerve wracking, playing the role of an exotic dancer?

Justine Skye: It was. I actually have a film coming out, my first acting role ever, and I play an exotic dancer for a little bit in that film too. It’s crazy because that little scene prepared me for this role. It’s definitely a lot walking up on that stage, I commend the women that do that.

BOSSIP: Have you been to any strip clubs before?

Justine Skye: Yeah i’ve been before, and I did a lot of research when I was in Atlanta filming.

BOSSIP: What were your favorite strip clubs?

Justine Skye: Blue Flame… I really liked the energy in there as opposed to some of the higher end ones.

BOSSIP: We loved your Coveteur feature that showed you and Goldlink getting ready for the Met Gala, was it awkward doing that kind of thing with your partner? Like something so personal in the public eye?

Justine Skye: You just look at everything as art. So it’s not really giving us to anyone. Not thinking too much.

BOSSIP: Would you say the same thing about the album cover? You’re a work of art?

Justine Skye: Yea from his perspective. I’m still learning myself and figuring things out, so I guess you’d have to ask him!

Justine Skye

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BOSSIP: Can we expect any new music from you soon?

Justine Skye: Yea I just released a new single called “Maybe”. And I’m gonna be releasing an EP soon.

BOSSIP: How many songs do you have done so far?

Justine Skye: Five so far, I’m also working on an album so it’s kind of feeling out the new vibes I’m on.

BOSSIP: How would you describe your new vibe?

Justine Skye: It’s more chill, it’s not exactly pop, which is kind of what I got drawn into. But I had to stop listening to what everyone else thought I should be and should do. I’ve been signed since 17 and grew up around the music industry and I feel like just now at 23, I’m coming into myself.

BOSSIP: Can you tell us more about the film you’re doing?

Justine Skye: Yes, it’s called Already Gone, I play an exotic dancer in that too. It’s executive produced by Keanu Reeves and it’ll be out in theaters August 16th.

Justine Skye stars on “Tales” tonight at 9/8 c on BET

Check out her song “Maybe” below:

Hit the flip for some photos from her “Tales” turn!



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