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NABJ19 Bossip Recap

Source: BOSSIP / NABJ19

Recap: Bossip Staff Takes On #NABJ19

We’re pleased to report that BOSSIP was especially present for NABJ this past week, hosting our own workshop on creating the viral headline!

The convention for The National Association of Black Journalists or NABJ kicks off every year for journalists, students, and media-related professionals. While their folks learn firsthand key strategies in media while also socializing professionally and seeking career opportunities. This year it took place in sunny and humid Miami, Florida.

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The workshop was hosted by BOSSIP’s deputy editor Danielle Canada who emceed a panel of our viral headline experts on staff, including senior editor Jennifer H. Cunningham, Aiesha Letman (myself), Jason Lee and, Alex Ford. Bruce Wright, managing editor of our fellow Interactive One site News One was also there with great advice.

In the workshop, our writers were asked the FAQs behind the manufacturing of a standout headline, regardless of the voice of the publication. Attendees learned about the importance of headline writing as it pertains to ideation and creating viral moments and they were also given tips on the age-old question; “When is a headline too far?”

Jason Lee was there to assist with the latter. Of course, this question was directed at our site specifically.  So, how do we not “cross the line”? What is offensive or “racist” to white folks? Jason says;

“As far as (mayo), aioli and those sort of things…if white people are offended by certain things, then that’s fine but the dynamic is different. We are a Black site, we are Black people, normally we’re the oppressed people. So, if the worst you have to deal with is being called a ‘mayo-packet’ behind somebody who did something racist, something stupid, then in my mind, you kinda have to chalk that.”

New One’s Bruce Wright had an important point to add, saying:

“I don’t think we should only single out Black media for doing what the original media created and is still doing on now.”

Alex Ford probably in one short sentence gave the crux of what you need to create a viral moment.

“We’re not just writing these headlines for you to just see them and laugh. If you read some of the posts, they’re actually well-written, comedically. Also, your use of language. Find that one word that represents what you’re trying to say.

Word choice is important.”

BOSSIP is proud to be a completely unique voice at the intersection of Black culture, entertainment, and political-awareness.

We would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to check us out at NABJ19. We hope to meet you again!




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