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T.I. unveils Nipsey Hussle installation

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

T.I. Honors Nipsey Hussle On His Birthday With New Trap Music Museum Installation

In honor of Nipsey Hussle’s August 15th birthday, Tip “T.I.” Harris unveiled a permanent Nipsey Hussle installation at the Trap Music Museum in Atlanta, on August 13th.

Monica, Krystal Garner and James Miller T.I. unveils Nipsey Hussle installation

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

The installation was personally curated by Tip with co-curation by Grand Hustle Head of Marketing, James Miller. The installation is a 3-piece collaborative labor of respect and admiration for Nipsey with the majestic painting created by BK The Artist featuring blue roses in his beard, along with images of his children, family, Lauren London and the posthumous memorial at the Marathon clothing store. The bench in the installation, created by Dizzy and Quake, is a take on Nipsey’s Victory Lap album cover while the blue and red jersey was conceived by the Trap Music Museum curation collective.

T.I. unveils Nipsey Hussle installation

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

“Based on what Nipsey means to me and the community as a whole, we knew that the art had to be superlative, so I reached out to BK The Artist, whose work I personally collect and the Trap Music Museum collective commissioned Dizzy and Quake. I’m excited about Dizzy and Quake’s creativity and feel that their idea of doing the bench is pretty damn dope,” states Tip.

T.I. unveils Nipsey Hussle installation

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

Celebrity guests and influencers in attendance included: T.I.’s wife, the award-winning singer-songwriter and television star, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, his children singer-songwriter and tv star Zonnique Pullins, rap and television star’s Domani Harris and King Harris, Grammy award-winning singer Monica, TV star and NY Times best-selling author Toya Wright, actress, singer-songwriter LeToya Luckett, key influencer and TV star Reginae Carter, World Champion Long Drive Golf Pro Maurice Allen, TIG Records label Head Girvan “Fly” Henry, and Dr. Sebi’s daughter naturalist Kellie Bowman.

Check out more photos below and hit the flip for our exclusive interview with T.I.

T.I. unveils Nipsey Hussle installation

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

BOSSIP: So we wanted to talk to you about the evolution of the Trap Music Museum, because obviously it’s grown so much from what the original vision was. We were here last October, it’s been almost a whole year. It’s grown and you’ve taken it to different places, like with the pop up in LA, so I just want to know what the process has been with that and even the decision to open the Nipsey Hussle exhibit and add Kevin Gates, and some of the other people that you’ve added.

TI: The growth has been surreal, it’s been surprisingly positive and overwhelmingly good. There’s been almost no hate. You dig what I’m saying?

BOSSIP: Did that surprise you?

TI: Yea that surprised me. And there’s been so many people interested in the Trap Music culture, the origins of Trap music, the meaning of Trap music. For us to be able to tell that story in our own voice authentically, and the fact that it comes from us and everybody who works here to keep this going. The fact that we’re all so genuine and were able to produce something so significant is phenomenal.

BOSSIP: How did you come about finding the artists, whose job was that? The curator, do they come to you?

TI: I mean we all pitch in. So, of course, I kinda gave the mandate “Ya’ll know we got to do a Nipsey Hussle Exhibit”. Then the creative became well what will it consist of? That’s when I started conceptualizing this piece. And I reached out to BK, because I’m a collector of his art and I know his techniques and how much passion and skills he applies to his work. When I called him and gave him my ideas and what I had in mind, he absorbed it immediately. I thought I was being kind of extra and ambitious but he was like “Nah, man, I get it.” So I started sending him photographs.

BOSSIP: We love how he has the elements in there where he’s at the Marathon store, he’s got his brother Sam, Lauren, the kids.

TI: Yes! The Eritrean flag, books and education. Teaching the kids entrepreneurship, financial literacy, blue laces, Slauson, all that. So many things that represented the legacy he left behind which he incorporated into this piece. And it came out so much better than I could have anticipated. And the bench was something that team went out and curated, found the artist Dizzy and Quake, to do this and it was phenomenal. The Crenshaw jersey, I’m sure we all know Nip was very influential in bringing the red side and the blue side together so I went out and braved the harsh conditions of Slauson & Crenshaw to go out to The Marathon Store and got those jerseys to make sure we had the right representation.

BOSSIP: And how has this affected your thoughts on your legacy? Especially here in Atlanta?

TI: I mean I have no thoughts of my legacy. I don’t think that’s…I’m just working, I’m living. I’m doing my part to tell the stories that need to be told. To do the things that need to be done. Just trying to use the gifts, strengths and talents that I’ve been blessed with to impact the lives of others. I don’t have a lot of “self gratuity” thought of how I do it – and now you’re making me think I probably should – I just haven’t. I think that people will ever remember you for the things you did for yourself. Nobody will remember what kind of car you drove, the watch you had on or clothes you wore, but they’re going to remember the things you’d do to help others who couldn’t help themselves. People will remember that. And how much time, energy, effort and results I get through my kids.

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