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Charlotte Has A Hate Mail Problem

AMERIKKA. The Hate. This is so sad y’all. Looks like the doctrine of the deplorable Dorito has spread to North Carolina, where according to Charlotte Observer reports at least 12 local elected officials, including black county commissioners, Charlotte City Council members who are people of color, and the black chair of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools board, received hate mail in recent days, according to representatives of those bodies.

Vilma Leake, a Mecklenburg County commissioner, received a letter by mail at her county office address and recently read it aloud at a public meeting. The mail made threats like, “Black Democrats should be tarred and feathered and run out of town” and sent “screaming to the concentration camps” and also threatened that “someone” may “blow up” a statue of Martin Luther King, Jr., before adding, “I would love it if they would blow you up.”

Watch Leake read the letter below:

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Leake says she’s one of five black members of the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners who received the same letter, while a spokesperson for Charlotte City Council said seven members of the council were sent similar letters. Tuesday, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools board Chair Mary McCray said she’d received two letters via email that criticized the board for hiring Earnest Winston and one letter called board members a racial slur.

“Never before with the hiring of several other superintendents while being on this board have I received such racist criticism,” McCray said. “This is not about the capability of Earnest Winston to lead this district, but it is all about the fact that he is a black man.”

The letter, McCray said, claimed Winston isn’t qualified. Winston, who has been with CMS for nearly 15 years, replaces Clayton Wilcox, who was suspended by the school board and then resigned in July.

Another letter, which McCray read aloud at a school board meeting Tuesday night, said: “So you feel you’re on a great course and want to stay the course. Sure doesn’t hurt that Earnest Winston is black, does it? You c–ns on the school board don’t even bother to try and hide it, do you? You folks are making CMS a sewer.”

The letter mailed to Leake mentioned Trump, it also said blacks in Charlotte need to “assimilate” and blamed the “twisted media” for problems in the U.S.

“Nothing good will come to you if you don’t change,” the letter to Leake and other commissioners stated. “You need to go back to where you came from … Your freedom was born on the backs of great Americans, white Americans, who fought for you, so get over it. Assimilate.

“One of these days, someone … will round you up. All of you. And send you screaming to the concentration camps where you belong … Be very careful.”

An FBI spokesperson in North Carolina told the Observer on Wednesday she did not know whether a referral had been made for an FBI investigation. A spokesperson for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department said “We are aware of the letters and (are) reviewing the material.”

We hope something is done before whoever this person is commits an act of domestic terrorism. This isht is scary. Seems like it’s not getting better.


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