Kamala Harris takes 12-point dive in new CNN poll among Democrats

And I, OOP! CNN Poll Shows Kamala Harris Taking 12-Point Drop Among Democrats From 17% To 5%

- By Bossip Staff


Source: ALEX EDELMAN / Getty

Kamala Harris Take Major Drop In CNN Poll

The road the White House just got a bit bumpier for Senator Kamala Harris if you listen to the pollsters tell it.

According to a CNN poll, Joe Biden has taken back a double-digit lead that it looked like he was beginning to squander. The former Veep currently holds the faith of 29% of Democrats queried, that’s up seven points from survey taken back in June. Biden’s closest competitor is Bernie Sanders who sits at 15% and Elizabeth Warren trials closely behind at 14%.

Simple math says that none of this is good for Senator Harris. Those points Biden gained didn’t come out of thin air, somebody’s political pockets had to get run.

CNN reports that Kamala Harris is down to a paltry 5% from a robust 17% back in the aforementioned June poll.

None of that is to say that Harris can’t find a way to regain some traction, but she needs to do something if she plans on being viable in this race through the end of the year



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