Let’s get greedy!

#BOSSIPMukbang: Disastrous Dating Stories & 28-Inch Slices Of Pizza

Welcome to BOSSIP’s Mukbang! In this original series, we’re bringing you episodes infused with messy stories all mashed up with deliciously (messy) food.
We all know that the best stories from your life and relationship are shared over a good meal, so we (smartly) put those two together to deliver some viciously funny content. From the first date experience, all the way to marriage we got some victims guests to spill EVERYTHING—but their food.

For our Mukbangs, we’re sticking with the online craze of storytelling on camera with over the top meals but our guests are specifically dishing on dating. Their stories are just as juicy as the food they’re eating and in a twist, the BOSSIP staff is providing commentary on what we really think about our brave Mukbangers and their bizarre dating mishaps.

This time we chat with two friends who are having bad luck in the dating department. King and ShaKayla talk about their dating woes over 28-inch slices of pizza and allll the salad they can get their hands (not forks) on.

King apparently called the cops on some unsuspecting girl who seemed straight outta Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” and ShaKayla had a text stalker who (clearly) didn’t have a job.

Be sure to look out for the gag meter as these two get into all this Italian goodness—we might’ve pushed things too far with these double-stuffed dinners.


Watch above!



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