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Courtney Kemp

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Courtney Kemp Speaks On “Power” Character’s Death

It. Finally. Happened.


Angela Val(dead) is DEAD.

On the season 6 premiere of “Power,” viewers saw Ghost distraughtly take his lover Angela Valdes to the hospital after she was shot in the chest by Tommy Egan.

Angela ultimately didn’t make it out of surgery and some viewers finally let out a sigh of relief. Some were especially satisfied considering that “Power” creator Courtney Kemp revealed last season that somehow the federal prosecutor would still be alive going into the final season.

Now Courtney’s speaking on Angel Valdes’ demise and she told DEADLINE that Angie was originally supposed to die in season 5. Ultimately however they pushed it back to the next season so that the loss of Angela AND Kanan wouldn’t be too much.

KEMP: The original idea was that Angela would die at the end of Season 5. In fact, we shot that death. But then I realized that we needed more story time for Angela’s death than we had room for at the end of that season — and that perhaps, Angela and Kanan dying in the same, penultimate season, didn’t give the audience enough time to process it nor leave enough stakes for Season 6.

So we pushed the death — but not very far.

And in terms of Angela’s story, she buys her own death when she decides to pick Jamie and love over the truth and herself. Paz tells her to save herself and she chooses to try to save everyone so she can preserve her fairytale ending.”

Courtney also told DEADLINE that she pulled actress Lela Loren aside to tell her about her character’s death in her office.

KEMP: I told her the same way I tell everyone – in my office in New York, before anyone else got the script. When you tell people their character is going to die, you always have to keep in mind that they are losing a job, too. So you need to treat people with respect.

WELP! Were you satisfied to see Angela Valdes die???

See what Lela Loren thinks about her character’s time on Power coming to a close on the flip.

Lela Loren

Source: Mike Coopla / Getty

Lela Loren who plays Angela spoke with PEOPLE about her character’s fate and revealed that she had to keep Angela’s death a secret for EIGHTEEN MONTHS.

“It’s been such a long goodbye that I was just so excited to have other people watch it and not have to hold the secret,” Loren tells PEOPLE. “Giving all these interviews before the episode just felt very, very, very duplicitous!”

She also told PEOPLE that amid possible Power spinoffs from 50 Cent, she won’t appear in one.


“I don’t see how that’s possible, because for a show that goes back in time, it would be another actress playing Angela at a younger point in time,” she adds. “So I’m good, I’m happy with what I’ve done with her. I’m ready to explore other characters.”

What’d you think of Lela Loren’s portrayal of Angela Valdes on “Power”???

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