Judge Dismisses Upset Boyfriend's Lawsuit Over Ex-GF's Abortion

Ovary-acting: Judge Dismisses Upset Boyfriend’s Lawsuit Over His Ex-Girlfriend’s Abortion

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Anti-Abortion Groups Rally Outside Last Planned Parenthood Clinic In Missouri

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Judge Dismisses Upset Boyfriend’s Lawsuit Over Ex-Girlfriend’s Abortion

Alabama has made headlines all year for trying to take away women’s rights left and right–most prominently surrounding abortion and birth control.

It seems like the Southern state wants to set the clocks back in time and of course, their grounds for doing all of this is the bible. One man named Ryan Magers noticed how hot of a topic abortion was in Alabama and was instantly ready to join the fight following his ex-girlfriend’s decision to abort their child back in 2017.

According to WBRC Alabama, Magers immediately sought legal representation to get justice on behalf of their aborted fetus. What’s even more shocking is that an Alabama probate court allowed him to proceed in doing so. After anti-abortion coalitions helped him gain control of the estate of the fetus, named “Baby Roe,” the stage was set for a first of its kind case.

Uniquely, this case eventually ended up being a fetus suing the abortion clinic that performed its abortion.

Though this whole situation made it a lot further in court than most people might imagine, it didn’t result in a win for the unhappy ex-boyfriend. The Madison County judge in charge of the case ended up dismissing it altogether.

As reported following the case closing, the judge “was dismissing the lawsuit because Magers didn’t have a personal claim against the clinic, didn’t allege that anything illegal had taken place there and because state and federal law protected the clinic from lawsuits of this nature.”



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