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Jeezy’s Swirlationship Sparks Chaos

It was only a matter of time before Jeezy & Jeannie Mai’s shiny new swirlationship brought out seas of Bitter Bettys who scampered to Instagram to express their displeasure in the few-days-old couple like their opinion actually matters.

And, naturally, Devil’s advocates, hoteps and trolls compared the Jeezy & Jeannie backlash to the love showered on Serena & Alexis (and other high-profile swirlationships) in a not-shocking-at-all development that sparked yet another ridiculous battle of the sexes across social media.

Peep the backlash blizzard/Twitter war over Jeezy’s new swirlationship on the flip.

Jeezy posted this and all Hell broke loose.

*Read the comments at your own risk.

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