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Dorian rampaged through the Abacos. It spared their island. Now theyâre embracing evacuees

Source: Miami Herald / Getty

130 Bahamanias Forced To Disembark Freeport Ferry Over U.S. Visa Restriction

Hurricane Dorian absolutely decimated the Bahamas, specifically Freeport. The people there are DESPERATE for aid and dozens of them suffered a heartbreaking embarrassment at the hands of the United States government according to DailyMail.

Days prior, Florida lawmakers Marco Rubio and Rick Scott pleaded with bum a$$ Donald Trump to waive visa requirements for Bahamian citizens seeking refuge after Dorian. Obviously, Trump hasn’t done this, probably for fear that he will receive backlash from his base for being empathetic toward Black and brown “immigrants”.

Guess the letter got lost in the mail…

130 people were asked to disembark from the ferry after lining up for hours to escape the torn island after being told that they would all be allowed to enter the U.S. However…

Dirty. F***ing. Game.


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