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Donald Trump Casts Aspersions On Bahamians Seeking Refuge From Dorian

Donald Trump, the President of 53% of white women’s United States, pretty much hates Black and brown people.

At every turn, Trump villainizes non-white people as violent degenerates who want to come to American and sully the lily-white fabric of this righteous, puritan, anglo-saxon nation.

F**k Donald Trump and the boat his immigrant ancestors floated in on.

Yesterday, the orange-tinted pu**y a$$ b!tc# (s/o Chrissy Teigen) was asked about a story that we reported here at BOSSIP stating that 130 Bahamian people seeking refuge from hurricane Dorian were asked to disembark from a Freeport ferry headed to Florida because they did not have U.S. visas.

Here’s what the P.A.B. had to say:

For the love of God, go vote in 2020. Get this piece of s#!t and his flatulent family out of the White House.



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