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Officer-involved shooting

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Vallejo Police Department Sued By Residents For Civil Rights Violations

Vallejo residents are sick and tired of being on the receiving end of racism, brutality, and police violence by local authorities and they’re going to court seeking justice.

According to The Guardian, the people of Vallejo have filed a lawsuit against the city for numerous civil rights violations in the wake of the 55-shot killing of a sleeping Willie McCoy earlier this year.

Delon Thurston, a massage therapist, is one of those suing. She says she was driving home from work last October when a Vallejo police officer pulled her over for allegedly making “an abrupt left turn” and then along with another officer “dragged” her out of her car and threatened her with a Taser. The officers then forcibly searched her body, touching her breasts and genitals, she alleges

“I honestly felt like it was a Sandra Bland moment,” Thurston said, referring to the 28-year-old black woman who died of apparent suicide in a Texas jail cell after being arrested during a traffic stop in 2015. “I didn’t know what was going to happen to me and I had to breathe all the way through it and be antagonized all the way to the station and I never got read my rights as they were pushing my face to the cement.”

Another *alleged* victim of police misconduct, Deyana Jenkins, claims she was pulled over at gunpoint for no reason and shocked with a taser before being arrested or read her rights.

Adrian Burrell had his head slammed against a wooden post after he refused to stop recording officers holding his cousin at gunpoint.

This is the type of s#!t that makes us hate and fear the police. We can only hope that these lawsuits yield results that hold cops accountable.



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