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Fantasia’s Marriage Advice Backlash

Fantasia has had a pretty unblemished approval rating after a few rocky years there. She’s become beloved once again for singing her heart out, taking her shoes off and taking us all to church on any given performance night. Well, now she’s getting attention for a bit more problematic takes.

She recently went on the Breakfast Club and had this take:

“Most women are trying to be a leader, that’s why you can’t find a man. You can’t be the king in the house. Fall back and be the queen and let your man lead the way.”

After the initial bit of backlash, she and her eight-year husband Kendall Taylor took to IG to drop this video:

Uh. Okay. Twitter was NOT having it and the dragging was intense. What say you? Do women need to “submit?” Is she making a point? Anything? Take a look…

“Fantasia is right. Most of us are smart enough not to submit to the bs, so we’re single.

I can live with that”

“Why is it necessary for anyone to SUBMIT to you in order to make you feel like a man? What does that say about your weak, fragile manhood? What is Fantasia relationship like with her father?”

“Where Fantasia messed up was saying the reason why women are single is because we don’t submit and let a man be a man. If she had simply spoken about her relationship and not tried to be a spokesperson for all women people probably wouldn’t be as upset.”

“Yall taking relationships advice from Fantasia
She had a whole show where she snuck around with a married man who couldnt show his face for like 4 seasons
Damn even side chicks gotta submit”

“Fantasia is an incredibly successful woman, an abuse survivor, and one of the most influential figures in her genre…

And she believes women need to submit to men….”

“I knew Fantasia’s husband was a clown when he said “it’s not about the money”like submission is already terrible but submitting to a man who cannot pay all the bills is pathetic. Men ignore the part where patriarchy requires them to provide.The scam of it all”

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“Fantasia husband gave every possible explanation of what makes a man a leader….except being the bread winner 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂”

“Everybody KNOWS I love #Fantasia but sis shouldn’t give dating advice, she married her husband 3 weeks after meeting him and she keeps saying she waited to marry him before they had sex, hunni…what’s a three week wait? I love you sis, but stick to music and acting in Jesus name”

“So Fantasia’s husband does what exactly? Where is the accountant? We know mama can’t read well so letting the man handle the finances doesn’t sound like the right move.”


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