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Terrence Howard Honored With A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Source: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / Getty

Terrence Howard Retirement Announcement

Terrence Howard has been one of the most unique, sometimes bizarre actors and entertainers we’ve ever seen. He’s known for his weird interviews and zany soundbites. This weekend he took to the Emmys and had this to say about why he’s retiring:

“I was able to open up the flower of life and find the real wave conjugations that we’ve been looking for, for 10,000 years. Why would I continue walking on water for tips when I’ve got an entire generation to teach a whole new world?”

“All energy in the universe is expressed in motion, all motion is expressed in waves, all waves are curved, so where does the straight lines come from to make the platonic solids? There are no straight lines. So, when I took the flower of life and opened it properly, I found a whole new world of wave conjugations that expose the in-between spaces that … it’s the thing that holds us all together.”

WTFFFFF is he talking about?

This has confused the enticement of the internet. Peep the pure comedy of the reactions.

Terrence Howard Retirement Announcement

“Publicist: How do we deflect from the whole Jussie Smollett thing?

Terrence Howard: I got this.”

Terrence Howard Retirement Announcement

“On my way to meet up with Terrence Howard to discuss Pythagoras theorem”

Terrence Howard Retirement Announcement

“I wanna hear MORE of what Terrence Howard was talking about. Flower of life you say? Waves and curves? Energy? I need the whole thing.”

“Terrence Howard said he woke up in his mother’s womb”

Terrence Howard Retirement Announcement

“These interviewers don’t even know what to say to Terrence Howard 😂 Man is talling about building Saturn and saying he doesn’t understand how he got a star on the wall of fame when he has never won an Emmy 😅 #Emmys2019”

Terrence Howard Retirement Announcement

“Terrence Howard’s drug dealer has some really potent stuff. But whoever that reporter buys from has an even stronger grade. Who would dare ask a follow up question in such a case”

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