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Florida Racist Denied Bail For Hate Crime Threats Against Black Activist

A racist, white, troll from Florida has been remanded to a jail cell after cyberstalking and making hate crime threats against a Black activist according to ABCNews.

Daniel McMahon was denied bail by U.S. Magistrate Judge Thomas Wilson because he was deemed mentally unstable, had easy access to firearms, and repeatedly celebrated the mass shootings that have taken place around America over the past several years.

McMahon’s defense attorney tried to argue that his “free speech” is protected by the constitution but the judge quickly shot that dumba$$ idea right out of the air.

“Any threat of violence against another person is not free speech,” Gammons said. “You can’t do that.”

A Virginia indictment was unsealed last week that laid out the case against McMahon. He is accused of spewing white supremacist views on social media and specifically targeted activist Don Gathers who was running for a seat on the Charlottesville city council.

McMahon’s mother told detectives that her son didn’t like African Americans, Jews or gay people and that she worried her son exhibited some of the characteristics of mass shooters, said Siobhan Maseda, a detective for the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, who assisted in McMahon’s arrest.

McMahon is also accused of targeting University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill student Lindsey Ayling with sexually violent messages and mocking her brother’s death after she advocated for the removal of a confederate statue on the school’s campus.

We hope he never gets out.



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