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Chicago Cop Killed Black Man With Unregistered Gun

Back in November of 2016 off-duty Chicago police officer Joseph Treacy shot and killed Joshua Bell after threatening to shoot his girlfriend during a verbal altercation.

According to ABC7Chicago, Beal was leaving a funeral when Treacy accused him of blocking the fire lane. Reports say that racial slurs were used and eventually a plainclothes Treacy pointed a gun at Joshua’s girlfriend. In defense, Beal pulled his LEGAL gun on the civilian-lookin’ Treacy and was immediately gunned down. Beal’s family just now learned that gun the killed Joshua was one of EIGHT unregistered weapons that the then-officer owned.

Treacy was cleared of any wrongdoing back in June.

As you can imagine, Joshua’s family is livid as is their attorney Blake Horwitz.

“Come out with the facts,” Horwtiz said. “Let’s not do what happened with McDonald and Rahm Emanuel hiding information until the last minute.”

The new info has been added to the civil suit that the Beal’s have against the city. 

We hope they bleed the bank.


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