Life Changes: The Internet Suddenly Can’t Believe How Different Deelishis Looks In 2019

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Deelishis’ Extreme Transformation

Remember when Deelishis first popped up on the scene 15 years ago? She was one of the OG stallions towering over Flavor Flav and winning his heart. Even back then she was known for being one of the baddest women in reality TV history.

Well since then she’s been kicking up a fuss with her bawdy. She looks way slimmer in the waist but her donk is still the same. Her face, though, looks somewhat different. That’s been the case for a while but this pic hitting the net over the weekend amplifies the changes:

Now let’s be clear: yes Deelishis does look different than she did in the early 2000s but if you take a look at her pics, you’ll see that the lighter skin isn’t really something that comes out in real life. Maybe it was the lighting in the pic. See?

Hit the flip and see Twitter’s reactions to her new look as well as some of her very fire pics.

“Deelishis did not get surgery in her face… 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ Botox..
Maybe but she dead a$$ just lost a lot of weight but her figure is still curvy because that’s just what it is but even her but is smaller. Filters definitely makes her look lighter.. BUT!”

Deelishis from Flavor of Love got so much plastic surgery on her face she’s almost unrecognizable.

“This the Deelishis I know😭😭😭✌🏽”

“The biggest transformation I have seen so far is Deelishis from Flavor of Love. Like what in the bleaching soap and plastic surgery is this?”

“People online spend hours making fun of someone’s physical features. Literal HOURS and then act shocked and fake concerned when they get plastic surgery.”

“She said she ain’t have no work done. Y’all better leave Deelishis alone.”

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““Deelishis you look like a man” in the words of legend icon New York 😂”



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