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Prosecutor Rips Amber Guyger’s Testimony During Murder Trial

The Amber Guyger murder trial is in closing arguments and the former Dallas cop is getting RIPPED by the prosecution. Guyger took the stand and testified that she “wished that [victim] Botham Jean had killed her instead” because she felt tremendous guilt from taking an innocent life. She also doubled down on her claims that she “thought Jean’s apartment was her own” before she shot him several times.

The Dallas Morning News reports that Assistant District Attorney Jason Fine called “bulls***” on Guyger’s testimony and told a jury that the former cop’s words were straight “garbage.”

“I mean, my God. This is crazy,” Fine told the jury, according to the Dallas Morning News. “It was unreasonable — she should’ve known she was in the wrong apartment.”

“Are you kidding me?” he said, as he crumpled up the piece of paper the testimony was written on. “That is garbage.”

Attorney Fine also pointed out that Guyger should’ve noticed several key things that proved Jean’s apartment wasn’t hers;

“The apartment sign, his red door mat, the blinking red light signaling her key wasn’t recognized, the lack of a whirring motor sound from the key and the feeling of walking from concrete onto carpet.”

With that in mind, he implored the jury to find her guilty.

“I believe that y’all will do the right thing, that y’all will follow your oath, that y’all will follow the law, apply it to these facts, and render the only, only true verdict, the only just verdict, and that is that this defendant murdered an innocent young man in his home,” he said, according to the Morning News.

Guyger’s defense attorney, however, countered that the entire case was all just a “tragic” mistake.

In an unexpected move, Judge Tammy Kemp ruled the jury can consider the Castle Doctrine during deliberations. The doctrine is similar to the Stand Your Ground Law and allows a person to use “or using force (even deadly force) in the protection of a home, vehicle, or other property if someone attempts to forcibly enter or remove an individual from the premises.

Why that would apply when Guyger broke into Botham Jean’s apartment is BEYOND US.

If that’s not bad enough, the Judge also ruled that jurors may consider manslaughter when sentencing Guyger.

What do YOU think will happen in the Amber Guyger murder trial??? We have an unfortunate inkling but hope we’re wrong.


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