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Aaron Dean Arrested For Murder Of Atatiana Jefferson

Atatiana Jefferson‘s family is one step closer to getting the justice they deserve after their daughter was tragically taken away from them as a result of state violence.

According to NBCDFW, ex-cop Aaron Dean resigned yesterday before he could be fired and was subsequently was arrested last night and charged with Atatiana’s murder. His bond was set at $200,000 and was released around 9 p.m. Fort Worth police interim Chief Ed Kraus said that he was planning to fire Dean for use of force, de-escalation protocols and unprofessional conduct but Dean beat him to the punch and quit.

“Nobody looked at that video and said there was any doubt that this officer acted inappropriately. I get it,” Kraus said, referring to bodycam video of the shooting released over the weekend.. “We’re trying to train our officers better, we’re trying to shore up our policies and we’re trying to ensure they act and react the way that the citizens intend them to, that they act and react with a servants heart instead of a warriors heart. There are times for officers to act as warriors and defenders, and there are times for them to act as public servants and humble servants.”

Kraus also made sure to mention that Dean was dishonorably discharged from the police force and his identity would not be protected from the public. Additionally, Kraus says that Dean could face more criminal charges once a full investigation is done and the case is presented to the FBI.

Body camera footage released by the department also included blurry photos of a gun found inside Jefferson’s home, leading many in the community wondering if police were trying to blame the victim. Kraus admitted Monday that it was inappropriate to release the photo even though it was something the department had done in the past to show what the perceived threat may have been.

Kraus apologized for releasing that photo saying that it was “a bad thing to do.”

SMH. We just hope that this piece of s#!t gets WAY more prison time and a LOT less hugs than Amber Guyger.


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