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Chrisette Michele Divorces Doug “Biggs” Ellison

Chrisette Michele has been having a rough few years. After essentially obliterating her career by performing at Trump’s inauguration, Chrisette openly told the world she suffered a miscarriage by posting a graphic photo, got dropped by her label then unbeknownst to many, she got a divorce from her husband Doug “Biggs” Ellison. These two had quite the love story and Chrisette previously told BOSSIP about how they went from her SUING HIM to them falling in love. 

Now Chrisette is speaking on her split from her husband/manager who she split from in 2018. Chrisette recently wrote a post on her Chrisette Michele’s World blog and detailed her split saying that she got married before she was ready and was too “childish” for the marriage.

“Aston Martin Music drops. I’m in LA, a small-time millionaire, Grammy award-winning, and happily dating “grown-ups” but… I’m a child,” wrote Chrisette. “A very successful… kid. Aaaaand, it literally never occurred to me that I’d missed a step until… Wedding Bells in Vegas (circa: 2016-2018). I walked down the aisle to “Love You Like A Love Song”, a techno club record TOTALLY meant for high heeled, couch dancing at LIV in Miami (or maybe Lavo in Vegas). Childish.

She also said she didn’t really want traditional marriage norms like living in the same city as her husband and having children a.k.a. “small opinionated beasts.”

“I’m divorced now. I think I got married to try adulting on for size. Didn’t fit. My ex had latched onto the idea that adulting was a “thing”, and I’d never gotten the memo. Sure I brought home fairly large slabs of bacon, made up the bed and opened a few businesses but… it wasn’t until after we divorced that I realized he had the intentions of living in the same city, raising small opinionated beasts who would grow IN MY STOMACH, and eating at the same restaurant every Sunday. […]

“Apparently this soul quelling idea is called … “settling down”. Eeek… I just threw up in my mouth a little.”

More of Chrisette’s (marriage) confession on the flip.

13th Annual McDonald's 365Black Awards

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Instead of being in a relationship or married, Chrisette says she’d rather go to While Foods (relatable) and travel…

“One of my girlfriends text me. She said, “I’m still hoping for magic for you.” She was talking about love. I wanted to say, “Is it ok for a woman not to be thinking about marriage for the same amount of time as any given man?”. I wanted to ask, “Is it enough for me to love traveling, meeting new people and long lavish walks thru Whole Foods?”. Am I “not grown-up”, if I’m not constantly wondering about love and a home for 2? To avoid experiencing normal “Yes I’m Judging You” thoughts from my home gurl, I said, “I’m not pressed”. To recreate my whole existence to fit into someone else’s? And then be stuck in one place forever? Yeah. No. Not right now.”

and if she DOES find someone else she’ll be “shocked.” She ended by saying that she’s “complete” and feels no NEED to get married again.

“Maybe I’ll be SHOCKED into a Couple of Forevers. My love language is touch and I love to cuddle. Love is…nice. I’m open minded. I’ll try new things… but ummm… it’s quite likely too late that I’ll ever grow up. I skipped over that part of my twenties and I’m not sure you ever get that back. I’m “humaning” (stole that ”word” from a pal). This is MY human experience. I’m patient enough to watch my life unfold, trust God to forgive, reveal and restore and move forward. I fall. I get embarrassed. I stay at moms, eat good, then take my vitamins and get back out there. Am I “on the market”? You can’t buy me. Am I “single”? I’m complete. Loving me is complicated, mostly because I’m content. Kids don’t love people because they have a nice house and diamonds. Kids love people because they smile, laugh at their jokes, spend time on the couch and at the movies. I’m a kid that way… don’t need anything but the simple, beautiful, present human.”

Sounds like Chrisette is a free spirit who doesn’t want to be tied down which some people can def relate to.

What do YOU think about Chrisette confessing to being too childish for marriage???

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