Caught Red-Handed

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Word is that Ray J was given tha boot from the Hyatt Regency in D.C., for possessing kush and a club drug called “Boat”.

We’re told Ray J went to his room after partying it up, when hotel management got a complaint. It appears security went up to the room where they allegedly found all the drug stuff.

Our sources say the singer tried to bribe hotel security so he could stay but they didn’t bite. We’re told Ray J went crazy, arguing like a mutha. Eventually, Mr. J’s own security came to the hotel and carted him away.

Police were called, but no one was busted [and] Ray J had to check into a Holiday Inn down the street.

Ray J’s rep [says] “The altercation did not directly affect Ray J — it was people in his entourage. But he did the gentlemanly thing and left the hotel anyway.”

This a sure sign he’s been hanging around Whitney too long. He’s lucky his ass didn’t get arrested – this time. Trife.


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  • Kim


  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    hmm.. 2nd

  • Aunt Viv

    Ray J is a spliff away from incarceration. Next!

  • Bird

    I’m not suprised. Ray J has the unhealthy look of a person that abuses their body in many ways.

  • Suga Mo

    BOAT laced weed…. somely laced embalming fluid but it could be laced with coke or other substances

  • guilty pleasure

    Dayum! Brandy’s little brother……….SMH

  • Roe ski love

    Boat is pcp a highly addictive drug that makes you hallucinate and see lights and act stupid as hell. Ray J needs to stick to the kush. P.s. Boat is also known in the DC area as love boat.

  • Suga Mo

    Smokey (friday with Ice cude) telling the story and woke up in the bird coup, and rolling on the ground that was boat. AND IT REALLY HAS FOLK TRIPPING LIKE THAT.

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    According to my encyclopedia, Boat is 1000 pills of ecstacy.


  • Nat Turna

    @Encyclopedia Brown

    yo,you cant get hood knowledge from a encyclopedia, BOAT and got nothing to do wit X. TRUST!

  • I'm Just Me

    OMG!!! PCP will have a mofo tripping. I have seen people on an acid trip…it ain’t pretty at all.

    Embalming fluid…WTF?? People will get high on anything huh?

  • Southern Belle 225

    Wow, is that what BOAT is? SMH. Unless he’s slanging them, why would he need so many. Anyways, who cares about Ray-J?

  • jandsmama

    Can’t he just be arrested for being a dumb mofo?

  • Aunt Viv


    Arrest Ray J and banish him back to anonymity!!

  • Suga Mo

    whit’s hanging around this fool while she supposed to be clean????…RIGHT!

  • Suga Mo

    DC is rep’n hard on this “Club Drug” story…LOL


  • I'm Just Me

    @ Southern

    HEY MOMMA…how was the Holiday?

    That ish is crazy….sounds worse than crack!

  • Southern Belle 225

    @i’m just me…the holiday was nice and quiet. thanks for asking. what about yours?

  • kigali

    “Our sources say the singer…”

    First mistake.

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    What the hell is “Boat”?

  • UPT

    I see u Suga …UPT all day. lol. They said a club drug though. he was on that water! lol.

  • I'm Just Me

    @ Southern….It was relaxing and quiet…thanks for asking!

  • I'm Just Me

    @ Southern….It was relaxing and quiet…thanks for asking!

  • Ms Cinnamon 08

    Boat??? Dude is tripping for real now…..

  • Snow Bunny

    Well, I’m from the DC area and we call it Dippers or Water. Not boat or love boat, that’s like an old school term for it.

    You dip cigarettes or blunts into PCP.

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