The “King of R&B” Spends Quality Time with the Fam

- By Bossip Staff

Awww, how precious. The King of R&B seems like he’s trying to get this “Daddy” concept down with child number five. Here’s Bobby Brown photo’d out on a lovely afternoon with Alicia Etheridge and baby Cassius.

Pop it to see the baby up close…he’s a cutie

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  • I Am Legend (A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)

    numero uno

  • Nique

    Hes a cutie!

    Ol girl looks like Beyonce(on a bad day) with those sunglasses on

  • Sheneneh

    He is cute..looks just like mommy!

  • Xhia

    Can someone answer this? Do you think guys that are 42 and older that already have kids REALLY want more? Also, do you think Lil Wayne REALLY wanted all of those kids? I don’t think he is finished having kids though.

    The munchkin is definitely a cutie!

  • DayShifter

    REALLY!!! The word s-n-a-t-c-h-e-d is filter?!?

    I swear it seems like this site is run by id10ts!!

  • resurrected

    She looks a little washed up but she use to be a rump shaker girl back in the day…

  • tb (Bossip needs to Censor themselves and leave ppl to speak their minds - WTF Bossip!)

    Those two look plain old wasted!

  • pynklyzurd14

    Damn,ol girl looks TIRED! Kids can do that to you… lol

  • http://Bossip Anonymous

    Whats with the bottle of Coors on the table? Cassius is a cutie pie though.

  • T. Banks

    cute kid

  • http://Bossip Anonymous

    The baby is a cutie pie

  • THE SoSelphish1

    cute baby


    hopefully he doesnt grow up and inherit his fathers teeth. 🙂

  • cherishb

    that is a cute baby and she does look tired as hell.

  • happy to be alive

    just think… she was one of Whitney’s closest friends. She should be ashamed of herself. But then again, she got what she deserves…crusty and definitely rusty!

  • EleKtrik EccEntriK (RIP Shaniyah Davis, Innocence Lost)

    one all capped word… CRACKISH.

    The baby is cute.

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    Cute baby!!

    But wait is it really 5 kids for him?

  • Beyonce is the Baddest

    Does that heifer have on a SHOWER CAP

  • bk

    He looks like he’s thinking while they got the camera on me I should sing Roni – one more time for the road.

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS...LOL)

    @ TB. they do look wasted.
    The King of Crack everyone, Bobby Brown. Two crackies

  • smiley

    the baby is cute…thank God he doesn’t look like Bobby…lol

  • Is Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath banned

    that baby is pure sugar cane sweetness. God bless, the lil feller.

  • Moreaces

    Cute kid, I can only wish that God stays near his side,

  • I am tireeeeed!!!!!!

    a shower cap come on i can clearly see the knit from a mile away.

  • Choco

    The baby is cute but Alicia look like she on that shat! Looking real hard I hope it’s becuz she’s tired if not-poor poor baby

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