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Footage Released Of Fresno Cops Shooting Teen In The Head

16-year-old Isiah Murrietta-Golding ran away from Fresno police during a traffic stop back in April 2017 when he was subsequently killed in the yard of a daycare center after one of the officers in-chase, Sgt. Ray Villalvazo, shot him in the back of the head unnecessarily.

Isiah was wanted in connection with a homicide, but was unarmed and had his back to the police as he fled arrest.

The officer’s partner was very impressed with the killing. So much so that he remarked “good shot!” while Isiah’s body lay crumpled and motionless on the grass.


According to DailyMail, unsurprisingly, an investigation into the shooting found that the officers were completely justified in their use of deadly force.

‘The reasonableness of force is based on the officer making a split second decision after observing the suspect reaching for his waistband area several times during the foot pursuit,’ wrote independent reviewer John Gliatta.

Isiah’s father has filed a civil lawsuit against both Villalvazo and the Fresno Police Department, alleging excessive force and wrongful death.

**WARNING** The video below is NOT edited and shows the complete bodycam video. It isn’t bloody, but it IS very disturbing. Please be advised.


The police in America are out of control, murderous, and in many cases unqualified to be given the responsibility of life or death. Throw every department in the trash and start over. This is Dylan Noble all over again.


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