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Draymond Green Isn’t Sugar Coating His Opinion Of His Team This Season

Over the past few years, the Golden State Warriors have brought almost every other fanbase to tears. They’ve violated and dominated each and every team in their way on the road to the championship, or at very least, to the finals.

Last year, they lost to the Toronto Raptors after injuries crippled them in the final games of the season. Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant both missed the most important games of the season due to their respective injuries. To make things worse, they had to deal with Drake and his trash talking in the arena and all throughout Instagram. After dealing with a huge loss and all that trash talk, it was almost certain among fans that the Warriors would return for the 2019-2020 season with an agenda to have zero mercy for their opponents. But unfortunately for fans, the season just started…and it’s not looking good.

First, the Lakers blew threw them in the preseason, giving the new combination of AD and LeBron more hype than they already had. Now, the Warriors have fallen to one of the least-feared teams in the NBA: The Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Thunder blew the Warriors away, winning Sunday night’s game 120-92. The last time these teams met was last March, where the Warriors came out victorious in a 110-88 victory and slid right to the NBA finals afterward. While the winning streak seems to be over for a team many thought was unstoppable, a lot of fans are packing up their bandwagon fandoms and going further down the coast to join the Lakers–but some people, like Draymond Green, can’t just up and leave no matter how much he might want.

After the tragic loss this weekend, Draymond was anything but silent on the current state of his team, telling reporters that the Warriors, “f***ing suck”. Complex reports that Green had a lot more to say, as well:

“I would like to see us play harder,” Green said after the game. “But the reality is, we fucking suck right now.” He also added that he didn’t think the Warriors would be getting their asses kicked to the degree that they’re currently being kicked, while also pointing out the team’s clear defensive shortcomings.

With a Dynasty as good as Golden State over the past few years, it’s likely they’ll get it together. If not, it’s only a matter of time before the players start requesting trades and the entire organizations plays hot potato with the blame.



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