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Trevor Noah Blast Kanye West For His Hypocrisy

No matter what you’ve read or watched these past few weeks, the constant has been Kanye West being loud and wrong about politics–even going as far as sporting the MAGA hat 2.0 he created to call Trump his “father figure”.

Just when you thought he was seeing the light and was going to keep quiet while doing his weekly Sunday Service, he announced a new album. And of course, with that new album, comes more of Ye talking out of his azz.

For example, his new interview with Beats 1 host Zane Lowe, in which Lowe had to demand he stop referring to his fans as “Liberals” at every turn. Then, Kanye spilled the details of not letting his staff have premarital sex while working on his album. Throughout this and other interviews, Kanye details his newfound relationship with God, which according to him, got him a $68 million dollar tax return, along with explaining how he looks at things differently now–Especially throughout Hip-Hop culture and social media. Basically, he’s going around trashing everything we loved about him before along with all of Hip-Hop culture and the people who created it.

These facts rubbed damn near everyone the wrong way, but one person who has the platform for it decided to use it to air out Kanye and his hypocrisy throughout the MAGA inspired propaganda he’s been spewing.

Trevor Noah decided to take some time on The Daily Show to air out his problems with the things Kanye West has had to say as of late. Of course after the Beats1 interview, Big Boy Interview, Car Pool Karaoke, and even past Sunday Service rants he had plenty to work with to make his point.

“I was watching that, and I was like, are you sh–ting me? Like, of all people. I’m not saying everything he’s saying is wrong, but you are gonna say it? You, as Kanye West, are gonna talk s–t about other rappers talking about buying ‘foreign?’”

“You’re saying that 70, 80, 90% of Black people who are voting Democrat, their brainwashed? So you’re saying you’re the only person who’s enlightened, and all these Black people are stupidly following this Democratic-victim?”

“The fact that these people are brainwashed, or the fact that, in America, you have to vote for the system that gives you the best chance? You only have two choices, and that does make it weird, but you only have two choices, and if you are a Black person you go, well, I’m going to vote for the choice that gives me the best chance of success.”

These quotes are just the tip of the iceberg, as Trevor had a full 5-minute rant for Mr. West.

Check it out in its entirety down below.



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