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Twitter Reacts To Moniece Facing Off With Fizz And Apryl

Remember when Fizz had the world on his side? Remember in the past when he was accusing Moniece of being the crazy, insecure, unstable person in their relationship? Remember how she was being unreasonable about him wanting to parent his children? Boy how the times have changed.

Now Fizz is running around with Apryl Jones, avoiding conversations with Moniece and treating his ex like trash and everyone is seeing that maybe he was painting an unfair picture of his baby momma this whole time. After a full season of disgrace and ill-treatment of Moniece, she finally had enough and tried to confront Fizz and Apryl about who is around her child. The new couple stumbled and bumbled through a confirmation.

Fizz tried to insinuate this is all about Moniece trying to get with “Little Fizzle Pop” but he might need to get over himself.

Twitter is, again, fed up with the couple and their treatment of Moniece and are dragging them AGAIN. We assume this will happen until the damn show goes off the air.

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