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Jordan Peele Speaks On Whether Or Not Marvel Is Cinema

The comments Martin Scorsese made about Marvel movies not being cinema has been all throughout the headlines for weeks now–and the latest director to weigh in on the debate is Jordan Peele.

It all went down during a discussion at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York City on Wednesday, where Peele was asked about Martin Scorsese’s heavy criticism of Marvel. Just as many fans of Peele might imagine, the filmmaker said he’s one into gate-keeping what cinema is and isn’t. He also went on to say that what makes a movie worthwhile is its ability to make an audience feel, particularly while at the movie theater.

“I’m not particularly engaged in the ‘What is cinema, what isn’t cinema?’ conversation,” Jordan Peele said, according to the Hollywood Reporter. “My definition of film and what my movie experience is, is movies that you can go and have a theatrical experience, a shared experience with the audience [and] go through emotions: cheers, tears, laughs.”

As for Jordan himself, the rapper says he’s actively trying to make movies that will compel people to watch them at the theater.

“Those are the movies I’m trying to make, quite frankly. I’m very focused on something that you need to go out to the theater to see while it’s out there because it’s something different.”

While there were some rumors that Peele might direct the upcoming Blade film after it was announced at Comic-Con earlier this year, his further comments about superhero films make it clear on why that’s not going to happen. The director spoke on his desire to “see more original material in the theater,” which connects back to what he previously told Rolling Stone about turning down franchise films after the success of Get Out and Us.

“It’s a childhood dream to be able to essentially see what you saw in your imagination as a child…But you know, I feel like I only have so much time. I have a lot of stories to tell, and it just doesn’t feel right.”




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