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Prisoner Serving Life Argues That He Served Life Sentence After Briefly Dying And Being Revived

According to the NY Times, a prisoner is reportedly currently appealing his prison sentence because he believes he’s served his time after briefly dying.

Benjamin Schreiber, 66,  briefly died and was revived at the hospital in 2015. Since then, he’s argued that he served his time because he was technically imprisoned until his “death”.

He recently asked a panel of judges to free him from jail; however, his plea was denied. “Schreiber is either still alive, in which case he must remain in prison, or he is actually dead, in which case this appeal is moot,” says Judge Amanda Potterfield.

He was sentenced to life without parole after he was charged with murder for killing a man with the handle of an ax.

“Life” isn’t decided by state code, then judges have offered the term “its plain meaning,” which they established that Schreiber must spend the rest of his natural life in prison, even after the incident.

Long story short, the judges said “nah.”.



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