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San Francisco 49ers' starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) looks to pass against the Chicago Bears in the third quarter at Candlestick Park San Francisco, Calif. on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012. (Nhat V. Meyer/Staff)

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Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Workout Seems Fishy

Colin Kaepernick is headed to Atlanta for a very, VERY impromptu workout for whichever of the 32 NFL teams are interested in his talents.

If this workout comes as a surprise to you, then welcome to the club because Colin Kaepernick nor his team had any idea this was going to take place until they got a call yesterday.

While Kaep seems to be keeping a positive outlook, as he should, there are many of us who are looking at this “opportunity” as a PR stunt and here’s why according to an ESPN report:

Sources told ESPN that Kaepernick and his reps were alerted to the workout at 10 a.m. Tuesday, ahead of a 4 p.m. ET personnel notice that was sent to teams. When notified, the quarterback’s reps asked for the workout to be on a Tuesday, which typically is when NFL workouts take place because head coaches and general managers can more easily attend. On Saturday, almost half of the NFL teams will be traveling to games, and most of the rest of the coaches and players will be heading to their team hotels to prepare for their games the next day.

But the NFL said the workout had to be on a Saturday, sources told ESPN. When the league was asked whether it could be on the following Saturday — by making it this Saturday, the 32 teams have only about three days to make a decision on whether to attend and whom to send — the NFL said no and didn’t provide a reason.

Moreover, not a single NFL was notified of this workout prior to the league making an offer. So what we’re looking at is a Saturday workout when most teams are preparing for games on Sunday and thus very few if any GMs, head coaches, or scouts will be able to attend. When Kaep’s team asked the NFL if a specific team or teams requested this workout, the NFL replied “We can’t tell you that.”

There is a school of thought that suggests that the reason Kaepernick’s workout is so cloak-and-daggers is that no team wants to be singled out or catch backlash so this provides some level of cover for a team that really wants him.

It is also being suggested that Jay-Z had something to do with this but it’s very unclear how he was involved.

We hope this is real but beat believe we will be on Roger Goodell’s and Jay-Z’s a$$es if shenanigans are afoot…



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