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Husband Goes Viral After Being Terrorized By Wife’s Hours-Long Target Run

Nothing can come between a woman and her Tarjay—and a poor hapless husband recently found that out the hard way. Jeremy Tuck, a Georgia Pastor at Forest Park’s Living Faith Tabernacle, desperately needed help after recently going to Target with his wife.
The Pastor was apparently so distraught that he created a cardboard sign that went viral.

“Not homeless. Wife in Target 2+ hours. Please help!” read Tuck’s sign.

Just two measly hours in Target??? What’s the problem???

The Target terrorized man’s post has racked up over 150K shares and 812 comments, a number of which are from husbands who too have been subjected to long Tarjay trips.

“I feel his pain!” wrote one.

“I learned early! I thought I was the only one!” added another.

Luckily Tuck’s wife Akila Cooper Tuck is a good sport, she posted on her own Facebook page;

“I wish I could get a $1 for how many times my husband’s ‘funny’ Target picture has been shared. He’s gone viral all for making fun of me ‘budget’ shopping at Target 😂 I think I deserve something for all my troubles!””

Husbands have to understand that sometimes there’s nothing more soothing than perusing down the aisles of Target and snatching up gaggles of goodies you had NO INTENTION of buying in the first place.

Right, ladies? If he thinks that’s bad then wait until Black Friday.



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